Pet Grooming in Horsham

Our Skilled Groomers Can Help Your Pet Look & Feel Great!

If you want your pet to look and feel his or her best, regular grooming is a must. Horsham Veterinary Hospital offers complete pet grooming services for dogs and cats, and we can tailor your pet’s appointment to fit his or her needs and your concerns.

Our Horsham pet grooming services include:

  • Breed-specific haircuts
  • Clips or shave downs
  • Brush and comb-outs
  • Shampooing
  • Flea baths
  • Medicated baths
  • Deshedding
  • Undercoat blowouts
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming

For more information and to schedule your pet’s grooming appointment, call (215) 607-6855.

Custom Grooming Services to Meet Your Pet’s Needs

A bath and a haircut can help your pet beat the summer heat and look great, and it is an important part of your pet’s care. It can prevent painful, unsightly mats in pets with longer coats. Grooming can address skin problems and itching, and it can help with fleas and deshedding. It’s just one of the many ways Horsham Veterinary Hospital is committed to your pet’s overall happiness and health, and our skilled groomers are professional, experienced, and friendly.

Our grooming staff offers a personal touch so we can learn about and provide what your pet needs and what your grooming preferences are. We also believe that grooming should be a positive experience for your pet, so you can count on our groomers to be friendly and warm when dealing with your pet through every step of his or her appointment. We can accommodate any special needs or concerns.

Call (215) 607-6855 or contact us online to get started!

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  • “The staff were always professional and extremely competent, compassionate, gentle and kind. I highly recommend this hospital.”

    - Judy M
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    - Tina A
  • “They took great care of him and now both he and his sister, Baby-our Calico, go there for their care. Thanks!!”

    - Christopher C