First Exam

First Vet Exam in Horsham

What to Expect At Your First Vet Visit

If you just welcomed a new pet into your family, it is important to schedule a first exam with a qualified veterinarian. This initial exam is a great way for you to not only get a clear picture of your new family member’s health but can help you better understand what you can do to provide for his or her needs – medical and otherwise.

As experienced Horsham veterinarians, Horsham Veterinary Hospital can give you the information you need to properly care for your pet, and we can provide the complete spectrum of preventative care and veterinary services your pet may need now and for the rest of his or her life. We are a full-service veterinary hospital that has served Horsham, Hatboro, Ambler, and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.

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Physical Exam Overview

What can you expect when you bring your pet in for a first exam? A first appointment at Horsham Veterinary Hospital will typically go something like this:

  1. We will have you fill out paperwork regarding your pet, his or her age, breed, and any other relevant information, including any issues or concerns you may have.
  2. We will weigh your pet and will bring you to an exam room.
  3. We will check your pet’s temperature, pulse, and respiration.
  4. We will conduct a complete physical examination of all key body parts and systems, including:
    • Eyes
    • Nose
    • Teeth
    • Ears
    • Lymph nodes
    • Weight
    • Femoral pulse
    • Heart
    • Lungs
    • Abdominal organs
  5. We will talk to you about our findings and whether we have any concerns.
  6. We will conduct an open dialogue with you about your pet, answer any questions you may have, and offer insight regarding any concerns.

As we examine your pet, it may appear as though we are simply petting him or her, and while we are certainly giving a little TLC, we are also using experienced hands to check for any issues. We can learn a lot about your pet in the initial exam, and if we notice anything that requires further testing, we may recommend a blood or stool test, ultrasound, or another diagnostic service. We may also perform any vaccinations that are due.

How often should I schedule veterinary exams for my pet?

Regular veterinary exams are essential for monitoring your pet's health and detecting any potential issues early on. We recommend scheduling annual wellness exams for adult pets and more frequent exams for senior pets or those with underlying health conditions.

Choose Horsham Veterinary Hospital For Your Pet's First Exam

Horsham Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary care for pets in Horsham, PA, and surrounding areas. Our veterinary exams are thorough, ensuring the health and well-being of your beloved pets. Our team of experienced veterinarians and staff is committed to providing compassionate care and personalized attention to every furry patient that walks through our doors.

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At Horsham Veterinary Hospital, we do what we do because we truly care about your pet. From your pet’s initial examination through wellness checks and old age, our veterinarians and support staff provide professional veterinary treatment in a warm, compassionate environment. Consider completing our new patient and new client forms prior to your first exam.

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