For most people pets are a treasured part of the family. Many people even think of their pets as children. This makes it especially hard when it comes time to say goodbye to a pet. Many people will grieve just as they would if they had lost a family member. To make it worse, there are other people out there who don't understand how painful it can be to lose a pet. The grieving person may feel misunderstood and have no one to talk to who understands.

Sometimes it helps to keep some mementos of the pet. Keep your pet's collar, a special toy, or a lock of fur. Others find it helpful to write down what it was that made that pet special. Children may want to draw a picture of the pet. There are books available to help explain the loss of a pet to a child. Allow children to talk about their pet and grieve for him or her. Don't be afraid to mention the pet after he has passed. Talking about a loss helps us heal.

If you are having difficulty coping with the loss of your pet, or if you are facing the end of your pet's life, please call us. We are glad to discuss any questions you may have. We understand how deeply many people feel this loss. If necessary, we can refer you to a support group or appropriate counselor. Don't go it alone — let us help at this difficult time.