Microchip Identification

Over 10 million pets are lost every year! The number is larger than the combined number of pets who die from diseases each year. A microchip could save your pet's life. Microchip identification is the best way to ensure that your stray pet and you will be reconnected. Every microchip's ID information is recoded in a database that is accessible 24/7. Consider these facts:

  • ID tags can come loose. Microchips can't!
  • A microchip will protect your pet for life from the number 1 killer across the country – being lost forever.
  • Microchip insertion (under the skin between your pet's shoulder blades) is a one-time procedure that doesn't require surgery and is quick and relatively pain free. It can be done by appointment during a routine or special trip to the vet.
  • Compared to the value of your pet a microchip is inexpensive, and there are no recurring costs after the initial one-time database enrollment.
  • Shelters, humane societies, rescue leagues, and animal control officers look for microchips in their effort to return a pet to its owner.