Swimming Dog Safety

Now that the weather is warm, many dog owners will be taking their pets for a swim. However, one must be careful when they go swimming with their dog. While you may think that your dog is an excellent swimmer, most dogs are not comfortable in the water. Even if your dog loves water, unless you take precautions, they could be at risk of drowning. Here are six ways that you can ensure your dog's safety and comfortability in the water:

  • Do not take your dog for a swim in waters that they are not familiar with
  • Be aware of the weather, as well as the temperature of the water
  • Give your dog a life jacket to keep it afloat
  • Do not assume that your dog can swim, even if they have before
  • Supervise your dog the entire time it is in the water
  • Make sure that your dog has the energy to keep swimming

Here at Horsham Veterinary Hospital, we hope that you remember these safety tips for the next time that you take your dog for a swim. Enjoy your summer!