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Dog Training at Horsham Veterinary Hospital

Professional Behavior Consultation & Training Services

At Horsham Veterinary Hospital, we also offer behavior consultations. Our mission is to educate and improve the human-animal bond, as well as to provide our clients with the skill they should expect from animal professionals, and the compassion they deserve from animal lovers.

To find out about our dog training and behavior consultation services, call (215) 607-6855 or contact us online.

Serving Eastern Montgomery and Southern Bucks Counties Since 1986

Horsham Veterinary Hospital has served local pet owners for over 30 years. Dog training and behavior consultations are an important part of our practice, as this helps us carry out our mission to treat the whole animal. Bad habits, aggression, and other behavior can stem from a lack of training or other issues, but it can be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem that leads to injury or even surrendering a family pet. Our professional trainers are here to help.

Call (215) 607-6855 or contact us online to schedule a training or behavior consultation for your dog!

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  • “The staff were always professional and extremely competent, compassionate, gentle and kind. I highly recommend this hospital.”

    - Judy M
  • “They take good care of them. Staff and Drs are Professional and communicate well!”

    - Tina A
  • “They took great care of him and now both he and his sister, Baby-our Calico, go there for their care. Thanks!!”

    - Christopher C