Pet surgery is an important aspect of Horsham Veterinary Hospital's work.  Our practice includes traditional, laser, and orthopedic surgery.  Our surgical facilities are modern and equipped with the latest equipment. Our surgical support staff is highly trained and proficient. Today's veterinary surgical practices save the lives of many pets and make the day-to-day lives of many pets better.  We divide our surgical practice into three categories: traditional, laser, and orthopedic.

Traditional surgery includes many elective or necessary procedures that lend themselves to traditional veterinary surgery methods.  Spaying and neutering, repairing an injured limb, removing a tumor, or correcting an abnormal physical condition can all be done with traditional surgical methods that have been developed and improved over decades. While surgery is always an invasive procedure, we take care to employ the most modern techniques to minimize the impact on your pet, promote a speedy recovery, and ease the anxiety of the pet owner. 

Laser surgery is the newest advancement in veterinary practice, and our hospital was the first veterinary surgical leaser center in the region.  In laser surgery we use a high intensity light beam in place of some traditional surgical implements.  Its advantages include:

  • Less Pain – The laser seals nerve endings as it cuts, reducing pain.
  • Less Bleeding – The laser seals small blood vessels during surgery minimizing bleeding.
  • Less Swelling – With no physical contact tissues are not crushed, reducing swelling is reduced.
  • Less Infection – The laser sterilizes the site as it cuts, reducing post-operative infection.

Less pain, bleeding, swelling, and infection result in faster healing and reduced hospitalization time, and our goal is always to minimize the stress and pain of surgery while maximizing recovery speed and full functionality.

Orthopedic Surgery includes operations to repair bone and joint damage, ligament and tendon tears, and other skeletal problems and injuries.  Whether caused by accident or genetics, many pet's orthopedic problems can be resolved through proper surgery.