Convenience Services

GroomingOur grooming staff offers a personal touch so we can learn about and provide what your pet needs and what your grooming preferences are.  We offer all breed clips, complete shave downs, brush and comb outs, flea baths, medicated baths and undercoat blowouts. Every pet gets his or her ears cleaned and nails trimmed, when needed. If your pet has special needs, we will do everything necessary to accommodate them.

BoardingOur state of the art boarding accommodations include air conditioned runs, outdoor walking and exercise area, and a caring staff.  We supply food and bedding, or you can bring your own. Your pets' accommodations are kept clean at all times, and each dog is leash walked and exercised throughout the day in our outdoor, enclosed walking area. Our kennel staff receives extensive training, and a doctor is on call at all times to deal with any problems that may arise. Kennel staff can give all kinds of medications should your pet need them. A pet with major medical problem, such as diabetes or a heart condition, may board in our hospital and receive the special care needed.   

Pet Supplies

We stock a wide variety of pet supplies for the convenience of our clientele. Before we stock any item we take care to make sure it is safe for use and won't harm your pet. Whether you want a toy, a leash, a cage, a food dish, or other items you will find that we have most of them on our shelves.

Pet Food
The pet foods we stock have been selected to ensure that your pet will receive the proper nutritional values from the food. We provide quality foods to help keep your pet's diet healthy and enjoyable.

Microchip ID

The best way to assure that your pet can be identified if it strays or becomes lost is with a microchip identification implant.  This tiny device contains information that can be used to locate a pet's owner.  Vets, shelters, and animal control officers know to look for a microchip when they encounter a stray animal.  A collar or tag can come off leaving your pet unidentifiable.  A microchip is a permanent Identification device.