Horsham Veterinary Hospital has been dedicated to providing superior medical care to small animals from its inception in 1986.  For over 20 years it has served pets and their owners from all across our region.  It can even boast that it has clients that bring their pets from several hundred miles away to receive certain types of specific care.  The Hospital offers a full array of medical services for your pet.

Routine care

Physical examinations, vaccinations, and laboratory tests are just as important for your pet's long-term health as they are for yours.  They are the key to prevention of and early treatment of disorders.  Pets benefit from a recorded medical history, just as their owners do.  Periodic examinations allow us to track your pet's health over a period of years, providing valuable information if and when illness strikes and as your pet ages.

The American Veterinary Medical Association AVMA) advises that two annual wellness exams are the best way to catch potentially serious conditions early.  Horsham Veterinary Hospital's expert staff, modern equipment, laboratory services, and diagnostic ability work help you keep your pet healthy.

If you pet is due for routine examination and necessary testing, please call us to set up an appointment. If you are unaware of what routine tests and vaccinations will promote your pet's health, one of our expert staff persons will be happy to advise you.


The science of veterinary pharmacology continues to make great strides in providing effective medications for the prevention of and treatment of illness and other disorders. Knowing the great importance of medications to your pet's health, we continually monitor the availability of new medications, dosages, and pharmaceutical treatments.  We stock many of the routine medications your pet may need, and we have quick delivery sources for those we do not stock.


Many people are not aware that their pets are susceptible to a variety of skin disorders like abscesses, flea problems, mange, pollen allergies, ringworm, seborrhea and others, which, if undetected or untreated, can pose serious threats to your pet's health.  We provide state of the art dermatological care and treatment. You should be vigilant about checking your pet's coat and skin.  Early diagnosis and treatment can save your pet an extended period of discomfort.


Pets are susceptible to a whole range of eye disorders.  Routine physical examinations usually detect such disorders.  We provide extensive ophthalmological services for the pet in need including services by our board certified veterinary ophthalmologist.


Animal cardiology is a specialty practice in veterinary medicine. Our staff includes a cardiologist who provides consultations with pet owners and cares for pets with heart disorders.  We offer complete testing and diagnostic services for the pet with a heart ailment.


Good dental care of your pet helps to ensure the overall health of your pet.  Pets are susceptible to conditions like halitosis, oral masses, periodontal disease, oral ulcers, gingivitis, and more.  Good oral hygiene, along with routine examinations of the teeth, gums and oral cavity, will improve your pet's health.  We provide the dental care your pet needs.

Behavioral problems

Behavioral problems can cause pet owners to feel they must give up their pets.  Problems from submissive urination to dangerous aggression, from destructiveness to disobedience, from hyper-activity to indolence are all treatable behavioral problems. If you pet exhibits any behavioral problem, the quicker you deal with it the better. We are experts at identifying and treating the causes of many behavioral problems.  Our staff includes several veterinarians with a special interest in behavioral issues as well as a certified professional dog trainer.

Ferret Medicine

The popularity of ferrets as pets has substantially increased over the past decade, leading to advancements in both the knowledge about and practice of ferret medicine.  We have responded to the need by making certain that our knowledge of ferret medicine is up to date.