Class Descriptions


All classes require vaccination for rabies and DHLPP
except for PUPPY KINDERGARTEN, which requires only a 1st DHPP vaccination.

Please refer to the class and instructor information below

CRATE SKILLS WORKSHOP: a two part workshop which has a one week break in between the first and last class. This workshop involves an in- depth conditioned response to the crate as well as crate "manners" to provide structure. The goal of this workshop is to change the dog's emotional response to the crate. Pet owners will be instructed on the proper way to use and manage the crate. This workshop will foster the bond and relationship between both species.

CANINE GOOD CITIZEN: An American Kennel Club affiliated certification program which recognizes the trainer and dog team goal of model citizenship. The course runs for six weeks.

LOOSE LEASH WALKING WORKSHOP: This four week course helps you learn techniques to teach your dog to walk without pulling on the leash.

NEW TRICKS CLASS: You can always teach any dog a new trick. If you enjoy teaching your dog or spending time with your four-legged pal, then you’ll love this weekly opportunity to awaken Fido’s potential and have fun doing it. This class is designed to give pet and pet owner alike an opportunity to train while having fun.

PET DOG MANNERS I: This class is a fun-filled, 6 week training class for all dogs age 4 months and up. Dogs will learn
basic obedience commands and polite behaviors. All lessons will be taught in a positive, enriching environment using clicker training, treats, toys and play as motivational reinforcers.

PET DOG MANNERS II:  For all dogs who have graduated from Pet Dog Manners I or a comparable course. The course runs a total of five classes. This course is a second level obedience class. Training technique is based on learning theory and uses positive reinforcement.

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN: You and your pup (age 7 to 18 weeks) have fun while taking advantage of this critical age for developing your puppy's behavioral wellness. Your puppy will have supervised free-play and socialization sessions, and you will learn the best techniques for teaching your puppy politeness, problem prevention, and beginner commands.

RELIABLE RECALL: Teach your dog to come to you regardless of the situation! This course teaches you how to get your dog to come to you amidst distractions. The training technique used is based on conditioning a reliable response using positive reinforcement.

Training Director Lisa Berkenstock is a certified veterinary technician and a member of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians. Lisa specializes in improving owner/pet relationships by focusing on and teaching scientifically based techniques of training, management and behavior modification. She has been an animal care professional for thirty-one years. Lisa works actively with a variety of rescue groups and offers services for these groups. She and her family share their home with a golden retriever, six mixed breed rescue dogs, and a rescue cat.