Volunteer for Wags Rescue

Wags Rescue is always in need of volunteers for an assortment of Jobs:

•Fosters are always in need.
•Help to set up before the events and tear down after events
•Volunteers to care for the pets at our events walk them, give them water, and lots of love and affection
•People to help with fund-raising
•Recruiting more volunteers
•Finding Grants
•Getting donated goods
    – e-mail or call local companies asking for donations
    – create brochures for volunteers to hand out
•Help during transports unloading dogs and loading the truck up with food and supplies to help support our friends on the front-line pulling dogs from the kill shelters
•Help promoting WAGS
    – Help pass out newsletters , brochures and donation cans around your community
    – Hold a drive at your school or in your community for things listed on our wish list.
    – Talk about Wags on Facebook, Twitter, Company Newsletter,PTA, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and any other place you can think of!

To learn more, go to:

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